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WordPress Web Design: Expectation Vs. Reality

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WordPress is an affordable and easy-to-use CMS that you can develop your website, even without any specific knowledge. If you feel that it is time to develop your business website and take care of the web design with WordPress, you should read this blog and then make your mind.

Although there is No doubt that WordPress is a fantastic platform for building a website, there are serious facts to consider before going ahead with the job.

I set realistic expectations for you and reality so that you can compare them.

Ready, let’s get started

Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: Web Design Is Free with WordPress, So I just Do It by Myself!

There are many guides on Google and Youtube about how to set up your WordPress website from scratch. While there is no doubt in many of these sources’ reliability, there must be a reason that most people let professional web designers and developers take care of the job. Right? After all, who doesn’t like to have a website developed without investing money?!

Reality: Web Design Is Not Easy Even with WordPress

We, undoubtedly,  are skillful to master jobs well and make the impossible possible; however, there is a requirement for it! We have to gather years of experience to do so, and web design and development is one area that you need a massive amount of technical know-how, and trust me, even with WordPress!

Indeed there are fundamental strategies and methodologies to “Why” and “How” a website is designed. So having a solid understanding of UI (User Interface) and backend processes like executing PHP codes are vital for website designers and developers. Also, let me tell you that sometimes a simple update in WordPress can crash your entire website! So if you don’t have the technical expertise to foresee all possible issues, it is best to leave the website to the professionals.

Expectation: With WordPress, Creating a Website Is Not Going to Take Much Time.

You might have encountered people claiming that they built their websites in a short period, like a few hours or less than a week. Even if it is a mini-website, you still must have the technical savvy to handle different hosting platforms and, of course, the WordPress itself to launch it in such short periods.

Reality: In Most Cases, Web Design & Development with WordPress Takes Long

In the best-case scenario, if you are a WordPress website developer with years of experience under your belt, it takes you a few hours to create a website with a couple of pages. However, in most cases creating a WordPress website takes much longer. Indeed, finding the right domain, hosting provider, templates, and adding plugins, and many other things take a lot of time.

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Expectation: Once the Website is Finished, It Gets the Optimal Traffic

Yes, all of us like to see the website that we spent a lot of time on and host interested visitors as soon as it is launched. But, unfortunately, it will never happen. Why? Let’s find the answer lies in Indexing.

Reality: You Don’t See a Huge Inflow of Visitors to Your Website as Soon as the Site Is Launched

All websites with no exception must firstly be indexed with Google to be found on users’ searches. So even if you have taken care of all the SEO (search engine optimization) aspects on your website to enjoy organic traffic, there is a waiting period after which you begin to see traffic to your site.

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Expectation: Web Design Is all about Appearance

You may think that whatever you do while designing your website only impacts how your website is seen by your visitors, and whatever you do on the backend of your site won’t impact your site since it is not seen by your user! Let’s see how big the gap is between this expectation and reality.

Reality: Poor Web Design hurts Your Site’s Speed and SEO

When it comes to your website speed and SEO, everything counts, from videos and animations on your website to plugins that you add could hurt the site’s speed and SEO. So, you must ensure that you know the potential outcomes before implementing changes to your website design. Remember, even a small change to your text could impact your website’s SEO ranking!

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of everything said above, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you still want to build your website to gain experience or for fun. But when it comes to your business website, it is totally a different story. Your website is the face of your business, so approaching the right WordPress website designers and developers with the right track record is always your best option.

What other things do you know about WordPress CMS? Please comment below.

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